Greetings from Pastor Bill

To those who are seeking fulfillment in their lives,

Welcome to Way of Faith. I personally reach out to you as Pastor of Way of Faith to come and see what our Lord is doing.

Many of our ministries are in the process of touching the lives of ordinary people like you and me. Food distribution for the needy, quality Christian education for our youth, pre-school for 2-4 yr. olds, and outreach for shut-ins are a part of our heart for God.

Critical values that make up this ministry include:

  • A vital, living relationship with Jesus Christ
  • A steadfast commitment to God’s Word
  • A desire to be filled and guided by the Holy Spirit
  • A love for all people by valuing each individual
  • A priority to pray for one another
  • A vision for missions and evangelism
  • A focus on family and its needs

Come and experience the value of a loving church family. We extend an open invitation to you. May the love of God fill you with all peace and joy!

Pastor Bill Parkinson

What do you like about Way of Faith?

"I am impacting the lives of others and winning souls for Christ."

“The pastor shows a personal interest in each individual.”

“After the service is over, people do not just leave but talk to each other, giving support to one another.”

“I especially know the senior pastor and his wife and they would drop anything at any time to lend a helping hand.”

“Integration of generations and diverse cultures.”

“Mission trip opportunities (local, US, foreign).”

“I love the great choice in songs and beautiful special music."

“The church is so friendly and welcomes all visitors. Extremely welcoming to new people like me.”

Anonymous survey of members and visitors conducted in 2015.